Spectrum Analyzer 1.04 Update . . .

Spectrum Analyzer 1.04 released:

  • fixed: z-order of the ‘mouse-over’ readout
  • fixed: ‘Settings’ window fonts on Win7/Vista
  • fixed: ‘Use presets to manage display appearance’ option
  • fixed: certain graphics issues with multiple plugin instances
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5 Responses to “Spectrum Analyzer 1.04 Update . . .”

  1. 1 Bob Prowse January 28, 2010 at 21:21

    Hi – saw this on KVR forum; thought I’d give your Spec Analyzer a try… looks quite good/useful…

    Unfortunately, doesn’t want to play nice with Cubase v5.1.1 here. It seemingly installed fine, but trying to use it (as insert on audio track – it was a stereo track) just blows Cubase up… Wonder if its just me…!?!


    • 2 sevenphases January 29, 2010 at 10:29

      Hi Bob.

      No, you are not alone. As far as I can tell, a lot of people face the same issue with their PCs too (while, yep, on many others it works with Cubase 5.1.1 just fine). I spent several days already, trying to reproduce the problem with two PCs I have here with no result. So it would be a great help if you (and anyone having the same Cubase problem also, please!) could provide more details of your PC hardware/software configuration.

      OS, CPU, Video, RAM amount etc. + anything else you find to be important somehow. Additionally, notice that there were two different Cubase 5.1.1 installations – so it would be useful to know which one you actually have (most likely this is unrelated, but just in case…).

      Leave a comment here, at the kvraudio forum or just send me an email.

      Thank You!

  2. 3 Bob Prowse January 29, 2010 at 21:22

    Hi – Well, nice of you to respond… :-)

    Here’s some more detail for you as requested:-

    Computer is an HP Pavilion a6250 UK

    OS = Win Vista32
    CPU = Intel core 2 Quad Q6600 / 2.4 GHz
    RAM = 3Gb DDR II SDRAM DIMM 240 Pin
    Graphics = PCI-E NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS with 256Mb DDR SDRAM memory
    Monitor = 20″ Widescreen LG W2042S

    The driver date for the NVIDIA card is 30/04/2009
    version =

    I downloaded and installed the first/early posting of the C5 v5.1.1 update. I had NO issues with this whatsoever. The app and plugs/VSTi’s all continue to run solidly.

    Hope some of that helps!


  3. 4 Bob Prowse January 29, 2010 at 21:24

    I forgot – I do have Vista32 Service Pack 2 installed…!


  4. 5 sevenphases January 30, 2010 at 06:33


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