Spectrum Analyzer 1.00 is out

Spectrum Analyzer screeshot

Spectrum Analyzer VST plugin is released and available for free download.


14 thoughts on “Spectrum Analyzer 1.00 is out

  1. Большое Вам спасибо за этот замечательный плагин и за то что Вы делаете.
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    С уважением корп.

    п.с. советую также пообщаться с автором плагинов voxengo

  2. It fails on my computer, the plug-in image starts to glitch, i’m using windows xp sp3, on a dell inspiron 6400 laptop, intel core duo , 2 gb ram, intel graphics card

    1. Thanks for your report. I suspect it has something to do with the Intel Graphics but i’m not sure. I’ll test further.

  3. hi,
    first off: this is really nice! but i have a wish: could you maybe add a mouse over, frequency/db readout? i.e. when moving the mouse over a bar, it should display the frequency and the level in db? would that be possible?

    kind regards, brok

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, definitely it is possible. I plan to add this feature with future updates.
      Of course, tons of minor (and not so minor) improvements are possible – I just had to cut that down for the first version (otherwise it tended to be never released :).

    2. ahh, no problem, i was just asking, as this is what i miss … you could go on and on to enhance this (120 bands would be nice), i.e. ad ing a comprehendsive level meter with peak and rms, as well as a correlation meter, etc … but just take your time!
      a bug report:
      here the settings are not stored, when uninstanciating/instanciating the plugin again. i have to do them all manually again.

      and another hint:
      it might be a good idea to include a button for the settings/prefs etc directly into the analyzer window. if i close the settings window, i don`t see any way to enter the settings window again, exept unloading/reloading the plugin.

      hope that helps a bit. :)
      thanks again!

  4. Hi, I also have a Dell inspiron 6400 with the same error, I just opened and it crash, later on it stabilize, but still doesn’t work.
    check an image with the bug:

    still thanks for the develop, and grettings from Colombia.

    1. Is this what happens with intel graphics cards? Doh!
      Well, thanks :) I guess that will be the first critical bug we’ll investigate in the new year then.

  5. The “broken graphics” fix is on its way. By now I don’t have any PC with Intel or ATI graphics around here, so I prepared an intermediate “fixed” build to find out if it does the trick actually: https://sevenphases.wordpress.com/spectrum-analyzer/beta/.

    I would kindly ask you to try it out and let me know if it’s really fixed (no need to test if v1.00 works fine for you already).


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