Spectrum Analyzer 1.09-beta

Spectrum Analyzer updated to 1.09-beta


  • new: button to save current settings as default
  • factory color schemes are built into the plugin
  • curve drawing performance improvement
  • other minor fixes and improvements


Spectrum Analyzer 1.07-alpha update

  • new: average slope setting
  • fixed (broken since 1.05): F/Ctrl+F and R/Ctrl+R keyboard shortcuts (freeze and reset respectively)
  • improved bars appearance at tiny display sizes
  • minor performance improvements

Spectrum Analyzer 1.06-alpha release

Changes (since v1.05-alpha):

  • the plugin is open source now
  • added 64-bit version
  • new presets and color schemes (double-click ‘color-schemes.reg’ to install)
  • fixed numerous bugs related to the new windows implementation (better Windows 7 support, better ‘Display’ resizing etc.), code is still unfinished hence ‘alpha’

Spectrum Analyzer is open source now!


Unofficial Spectrum Analyzer 1.05 update

Changes since 1.04:

  • reworked plugin windows to behave in a more classic way (‘Display’ is the main plugin window now, ‘Settings’ screen pops with right mouse click)
  • implementation is quite unfinished so this release is unofficial and sort of secret
  • disabled certain features (e.g. keyboard shortcuts) not compatible with above changes

Spectrum Analyzer 1.04 Update . . .

Spectrum Analyzer 1.04 released:

  • fixed: z-order of the ‘mouse-over’ readout
  • fixed: ‘Settings’ window fonts on Win7/Vista
  • fixed: ‘Use presets to manage display appearance’ option
  • fixed: certain graphics issues with multiple plugin instances